Live from the CodeBar

CodeBar Live Show 1-Masquerade Part 1

January 25, 2021 Robert Jenner Season 1 Episode 1
Live from the CodeBar
CodeBar Live Show 1-Masquerade Part 1
Show Notes

CodeBar Live Show 1-Masquerade Part 1

Welcome to the first-ever Live from the CodeBar Podcast.  CodeBar Live is recorded from the code themed basement bar of Fenwood Manor and is an all-new podcast about Armchair Treasure Hunt, codes, ciphers, puzzles, Escape Rooms, ARG's (Alternate Reality Game's), and puzzle subscription boxes. 

In this first show, we will talk about the treasure hunt that started it all Kit Williams Masquerade.  In 1979 artist Kit Williams released Masquerade and it took the world by storm, soon thousands of people were chasing the Golden hare all over the UK.  In Part 1 we will discuss the hunt, the art, the treasure, and the overall creation of Masquerade, Part 2 released in two weeks will discuss the winners of the hunt, the treasures find and the scandal that ended up defining the hunt.

CodeBar Cocktail

The Jack Hare Shanty

Fill a frosted 24 z beer glass with 2oz Orange Juice, top with Blue Moon Belgian Wheat Beer.  Top with a fresh orange wheel.

Additional Information

"Masquerade" By Kit Williams
"Quest for the Golden Hare" By Bamber Gascoigne